Book Review – The Words of the Wandering

I’ve read the first two books already this year. It seems only perfect to continue this great series. Check out my review of The Words of the Wondering by D.E. Night.


This whimsical fairytale pushes the boundaries of what middle-grade fantasy can be and readers won’t stop turning pages in this coming-of-age story.

In the third book of the series, The Words of the Wandering, Ivy’s power grows, and so does the Dark Queen’s intent to destroy her. Traveling far and wide, and even into the past, Ivy strains to discover the powers that brought the Queen into power and what her own role might be. A whirlwind chase to a magical circus, an enemy turning over a new leaf, a protector that can’t be trusted. Can Ivy work with friends––new and old––to recover what was lost? The stakes have never been higher.

My Review

Holy cow. The first two books of this series were good, but I felt this third book in the series topped them both. While the first book built up a wondrous world, and the second book developed it further, as well as some of the characters, The Words of the Wondering developed the plot further for the series. 

First, it was lovely to see the relationship growing between Fyn and Ivy. The series so far has built up their connection, and it was only natural for their friendship to grow. D.E. Night did a great job there, but I’d like to see more in the next book (fingers-crossed). 

There were some very intense moments throughout the book, namely the scene at the lake with the swimming trial the newest members of the QQC undertook. I won’t spoil it, but I was gripped to the pages while reading that chapter.

I really liked the introduction of the circus and the magical delights it had. I was unconvinced of one of the characters’ demise at the event and was proven right by the end of the book, which was nice. There were a few tense moments for a while there, though.

But that ending. I am still feeling the remnants of shock at how the book ended, and I’m so eager for the fourth and final book to be released to find out what happened. Will Ivy and her friends survive the Dark Queen? Only the next book will tell.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I love Ivy Lovely’s world, and I liked how her confidence grows over the books. I feel she’ll grow even further into who she’s meant to be by the end of the series.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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