February 2021 Word of the Month: ‘Note’

Note to Self: Go with the flow and notice the magic of change

The month of February is upon us, and to kick-start my month I’ve chosen the word ‘Note’ for a number of reasons. But first let’s see what the word means to many of us.


  • a brief record of something written down to assist the memory or for future reference.
  • notes, a record or outline of a speech, statement, testimony, etc., or of one’s impressions of something.
  • an explanatory or critical comment, or a reference to some authority quoted, appended to a passage in a book or the like:
    • a note on the origin of the phrase.
    • a brief written or printed statement giving particulars or information.

Verb (used with object), not·ed, not·ing.

  • to write or mark down briefly; make a memorandum of:
  • to note the places of interest.
  • to make particular mention of in a writing

It’s something we do every day isn’t it. Taking note. Taking notice of something. It could be a passerby who is wearing a jumper you particularly like, or a dog that reminds you of a childhood pet. It could be the flight of a starling in the sky or the geese flying south for the winter. The first snowdrops appearing out of the ground. Or perhaps you’ve taken note of the day of the week it is – today is Saturday after all and the weekend, a time for lie-ins and chilling with either family or friends.

One thing I have taken note of is the change of seasons in particular. The snowdrops have been around for a few weeks now, the crocuses have appeared alongside, and now the daffodils are appearing – I feel a little early to be honest. But the stark reminder that spring is on its way with each new bloom appearing, be it crisp white, lavender purple, or golden yellow, makes me feel lighter somehow. With the current lockdown restrictions I find myself taking notice of things far more now than perhaps I would be doing otherwise.

So I’ve chosen the word ‘note’ this month to recognise my ‘taking notice’. Because this month I want to notice how I’m feeling everyday, how the season is changing, and how each day is new and inviting. In our humdrum lives prior to this pandemic, perhaps we didn’t notice the things we are now. Or maybe we did and then forgot them a few days later.

That leads me on to the second reason I’ve chosen the word ‘note’. Because as much as we take note of things in our lives, maybe it would be worth writing them down too. To note on paper the changes in the weather, the brief but all-too-needed chats with neighbours several feet apart, and to write down how we feel each day and realise our moods are changing just as swiftly as the seasons themselves. 

I write a journal each day, and try as much as possible to note down the comings and goings of my life, even if at the moment they’re quiet and fairly routine. But recently I started a new job and I’ve been getting back into the swing of an early morning routine and it’s been hard. I’m still journaling though, and I try to write two sides of paper each day. I think it’s beneficial for me to write things down, and this month I’m trying to recognise that – that I take note of how each day begins.

The third reason I’ve chosen the word ‘note’ is because of Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Now, I will admit I don’t celebrate this day at all, mainly because I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with, but I still like the idea of sending letters to our loved ones, and that’s the third and final reason for this month’s word. I personally think love letters shouldn’t just be given to our significant others. Maybe it’s worth sending letters to friends and family too. It’s just a thought, and considering the circumstances of the last year, I feel connections are needed more than ever.

So take note of things. Take note of the changes in the seasons, the weather, the world outside. Write these things down each day and maybe you’ll notice more by doing so. And lastly, I really think someone out there – be they friends or family – could be touched by a letter of love. Because there’s more to love than we realise. We have all kinds of love around us and I think we should take note of that more often.

What do you think of this month’s word?


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