Poem of the Week: A Wistful Getaway

I think the weather and the situation of the world is making me feel a weird sense of frustration and listlessness. I dwell currently in boredom though I have many things to keep me occupied.

I do have good news on the horizon though. After not working for a time, I have got a new job starting next week! I’m excited to start and get back into the working week, though I’m sure for the first few days it’ll be hard going getting up early after getting into bad habits. I’ve got used to waking up at 8.30am/9am each day, so I’m reworking my wake-up schedule slowly over the next several days to get back down to 7am. Today was a bit of a fail, as while the alarm was set at 8am, I dozed for half an hour. But tomorrow is another day.

But like I said, the weather is contributing a little to my sense of wistful musings and lethargy. It’s that time of year, isn’t it, when Christmas is over, but we’ve still got to wait for Spring to appear properly. I’ve noticed a few crocuses popping up all over our garden and really want to take my camera out, but again – the weather. The drizzle. The mizzle. I’m not a fan. And this virus. It’s still so prevalent, and likely to be so for many months to come even with the vaccine. Yes. I’m feeling frustrated by it all.

This week’s poem is sort of linked to my inactivity (though I have been reading more) as well as the situation of the virus. I hope you like it.

A Wistful Getaway

I hear the rustle of pages
Watch the ceaseless rain fall
Snuggled up here inside
Feeling my world so small

It’s that time of year
Where we all hunker down
Inside our cosy homes
Keeping away from town

But we are stuck here, trapped
Staring at the outside world
The sense of boredom prevailing
Frustration a feeling unfurled

I want to walk outside
Take a step from my kitchen door
Live a little, despite this virus
I don’t know what to do anymore

I take it one day at a time
Knowing better days are ahead
Each day bleeds into another
Until I settle down in bed

Changes are coming
I know that in my heart
Despite the world stuck fast
I’m waiting for a life to start

Like a new door opening
We wait here patiently
For the world to open up
We dwell in tense complacency

So I pick up another book
And watch the weather change
Letting a sigh fill the air
For these times are but strange.

Thanks for reading all. I really appreciate it, and I hope others out there are keeping busy and safe as much as we can under the circumstances. Virtual hugs to all, and best wishes. I know these are hard times for us all, so my thoughts are with you all.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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