Poem of the Week: The Storm

Today was a pretty stormy day, and I was sat wondering what to write about, before the wind howling outside gave me an idea. What with the inauguration of a new president in the States, and the weather outside, I thought these words were appropriate. I hope you like the poem this week.

The Storm

Shall I tell you a tale
Of a windswept shore
The rain sweeping across
A blue sky evermore

Thunder crashes and lightning shines
Trees sway under a hidden sun
The wind howls and waves heave
Whipping up the pebble beach

A storm to twist up the world
Tossing the land in disarray
All I know and thank
Is that it will pass on its way

I sit and watch from the window
See the water falling down
Within the warmth of my home
While the outside world drowns

It’s a wet and wintry day
But with each new hour towards the dawn
Of a clearer day, I pray
Rising steadily on the morn

And the seas will calm
The waves will cease their roar
The rain will fade away
And the storm will be nevermore.


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