Poem of the Week: The Pen

I love writing poetry. I love finding words that rhyme, that fit the piece, that flow in a up and down rhythm on the tongue in a way that only words can. This week I write a poem about my favourite piece of equipment – the pen itself.

The Pen

Pen to paper
I write a thousand words
In a single sitting

Each letter created
Years of history
In the making

Can you see my heart
Can you read
The veins of the beat

The tree of life
Gives birth to words
Written so neat

A scratch of ink
People stand behind
The words written

Family, teachers, all rise
Whisper in our ears
Of worlds bidden

Show us the light
Give us the skills
To write of our short lives

Let us walk with the pen
Let us tell our truths
A pen is mightier than knives.


Thanks for reading my poetry. It means a lot. If there’s a subject you’d like me to write a poem about, please share!

Listening to my January 2021 Moodlist


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