Poem of the Week: Winter is Here

I don’t know about you, but the temperature has definitely dipped here in England where I live. It’s not quite below freezing yet, but we’re definitely in single figures celsius-wise. All my winter and Christmas jumpers are unpacked and being worn regularly, and my big winter coat is getting a good use. So this week I wanted to write a poem about this time of year, where winter has just begun and we’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas (or basically the midwinter celebrations). As of the 21st December, the days begin to get longer, and if that isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is!

Winter is Here

I take a deep breath
Of the cold winter air
It freezes my nose
And whips up my hair

The trees have all dropped
Their red golden leaves
They stand mostly bare
‘Cept those broad evergreens

We find one so tall
So green and so great
To bring into the house
And start to decorate

Baubles and stars hang
On each delicate branch
And we drink hot chocolate
With marshmallows so blanche

This time of year
We are resting inside
Whilst listening to songs
All about sleigh rides

So take a deep breath
And snuggle down deep
Relish the celebrations
And afterwards, sleep

For spring will be here
Before we all know it
And the world once again
Will be all sunlit.


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