Poem of the Week: Those Days

It’s Wednesday again and every Wednesday I like to post a poem of the day. I tend to write poetry most days at the moment, but one fun thing I’ve tried to do is start picking 3 words and including then somehow into the poem.

This poem I used the @what3words app and the 3 words used were from somewhere I used to live. I hope to make more of these ‘What Three Word’ poems too.

Read on…

Those Days

There’s always days where we respond
Too fast and then not at all
But there always comes a day in time
Where we know it’s best not to stall

Those days will define us, young and old
Those days become our life
Whether we’re beside campfires or hearth
Those days will make us alive

Because those days are marked by who we are
And who we’re meant to be
We stand up tall and shout away our fears
Those days we will finally see

That in us all we’re making over
Ourselves and our lives brand new
We’re standing sure and strong again
We know we’re a hardy crew

We love our close ones without question
We care for others deeply
We imagine our dreams and hopes again
We shout aloud our inner decree

That we are kind and brave and free
And our hearts are filled with love
Sometimes all it takes in the night
Is to see the lights above.

Keeping it Kandid,
Kate x


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