Wednesday’s Weekly Poem: Autumn Awakens

We truly are in Autumn now, and I’ve been writing autumnal poems both for my bullet journal and as a general feeling for the season. My favourite season tends to be Spring, but that might be because my birthday is in May, but I love celebrating the seasons in lots of ways, including writing poetry.

Here’s one of my poems for the season.

Autumn Awakens

The leaves are falling swift
Like a bird on the wing
A tiny glance of summer’s grace
Before we take ourselves within

I take a walk among the trees
And hear the wind’s whisper
It speaks of brighter days
When the year returns to stir

The leaves are falling steadily now
From green to gold to amber brown
A kaleidoscope of colour
In this autumnal world

Birds fly across the skies
To warmer climes and shores
Others come from far away
To rest on our own shores

Animals and plants alike
Begin to hibernate
Turning inward and filled with rest
Until spring arrives, we wait.

As a final note to this post, I’ve decided to post poems on a Wednesday, though of course I always end up writing lots of poetry everyday. I may end up posting daily poetry on my Instagram stories! You can follow me on Instagram @kandidchronicles.

As always, keeping it Kandid!

Kate x


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