Super Seven Apps to Help with Wellbeing

It’s the start of a new month, and September is also the time when new terms and semesters start, where those of us outside of education start to wonder about decluttering ready for the winter, where many of us start to hunker down and pull out the warmer clothes. … More Super Seven Apps to Help with Wellbeing


Autumn Goals: Free Printable

I’m writing this towards the end of August and I can’t believe that we’re here. At the end of summer and the start of autumn. It feels surreal, and yet here we are. Many of us are planning for new school years, new semesters, whether we’re students or parents, and while I don’t personally need to plan in that kind of sense, I still feel that strange, almost innate desperation to plan and prepare for the cooler weather. … More Autumn Goals: Free Printable